Process Check

I started this blog when I was forced to re-enter the world of my youth due to my Mother’s alzheimer’s disease.  I had been away from my hometown for many years- only spending a couple of hours there at Christmas.

When circumstances forced me to spend more time there, I was shocked at how it had changed physically and how so much of the physical past was being destroyed.  For the first time in many years, it made me want to look back.

Looking back is like crack cocaine to a writer.  Once you start, you are hooked…

And as I looked back, I realized I probably saw things differently than those who never left that little town….

And my observations have made a few of them angry….

Frankly, I don’t care.  These are my stories, my memories and my realities.

I started this journey with a sense of humor and detachment.  As time went by and I spent more time in my hometown, it was harder to keep the sense of humor and the sense of detachment.

The past became very real again.  I dug  more deeply into my memories and thoughts than I originally intended.

My Mother died last week and I thought this blog might die with her.  But people, through memories, live on.  And I’ve realized I’m not through yet.  There are stories I haven’t yet told….thoughts and observations I haven’t yet expressed.

I’ve dug too deeply over the last few years on this blog to give up now.  I may have made a few people question and re-evalutate their memories- and a few re-evaluate me.  I know I have made a lot of people defensive.  But to me, that means I may be evolving as a writer.  At least, I hope so….

And I hope I can keep the humor and maybe regain some of the detachment.  Or maybe not…

Time will tell…

But I’ve decided, My Southern Gothic Life will live on…..

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  1. dara lamberson says:

    Great! Can’t wait to hear more!

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