A W&L and Sweet Briar Wedding

For those of you reading my latest Sweet Briar post, you might enjoy this one as well:


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3 Responses to A W&L and Sweet Briar Wedding

  1. Phil Booth says:

    As much as I (a 1964 graduate of W&L) loved this article – and it was wonderfully evocative – the author, intentionally or not, to my mind omits mention of a crucial point: That at least one of the reasons Sweet Briar is closing is BECAUSE Washington and Lee is now co-educational, and it can’t compete academically! The prospective ‘girls’ of SB are applying instead to W&L, where (I suspect) its larger endowment, better facilities, and higher national standing offer wider professional opportunities (e.g., the Law and Business Schools). I can only speak for myself, but I wish to heck it had been co-ed when I was there, as I think many of us would have learned what it means and takes to be a TRUE ‘Southern Gentleman’ a great deal sooner!

  2. Ralph Ownby says:

    I highly doubt Washington and Lee going co-ed in 1986 played any part in this. Hampden-Sydney, Mary Baldwin an Hollins are still standing last time I checked. Co-education has worked out well for W&L, but it’s just not the same place at all I graduated from in 1980. I liked it just fine the way it was and I suppose I made it to “true southern gentleman” status right on time.

  3. Paul Norwood says:

    I totally agree, Phil…as editor of the Ring-Tum-Phi in 1973, I persistently advocated for coeducation at W&L…it took fifteen years more for it to happen, when the university recognized it was absolutely necessary to uphold the quality of incoming students…on a more personal note, I was especially gratified to speak with a gent from the class of ’68 at my last reunion who had been totally opposed to co-ed…but, having had four daughters and no sons, was now thrilled that three of his girls go to go to his beloved alma mater…

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