About the Author

Scott Michaels, your humble author.

Scott Michaels, your humble author.

Scott Michaels was born in Danville, Virginia, but managed to escape.  He has a degree in Non-Western History, with emphasis in East Asian and Russian History, from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and has worked in both the Political and Corporate worlds.

He currently works as a REALTOR and happily resides in Greensboro, NC with his partner Steve Willis and their children Charlie, the dog, and the cats Mr Sloane and Emily.  However, all of us consider ourselves citizens of the world.

Scott may be contacted at ScottMichaels100@gmail.com.

All written materials on this blog are copyrighted by Scott Michaels.

13 Responses to About the Author

  1. Susan Hedrick Granger says:

    I went to Averett with Steve. I am so glad to have found your blog. I hope that Steve remembers me, he is a great guy. I can’t wait to read more of the blog; my school work may have to wait tonight!!!!

  2. Carol Sklenicka says:

    How did I stumble on to your blog? Looking for info on Sub-Deb Clubs for a biography of novelist Alice Adams. I am glad I did for perhaps you’ll help me understand her southern background. I live in California, as did Alice eventually. But she grew up in Chapel Hill with parents from Virginia.

  3. Carlene Cromer Bailey says:

    I enjoyed your chapter about the sub-debs. Brought back some awesome memories. You hit the nail on the head! Looking forward to reading much more. Thanks so much. Can you tell me what year you graduated?

  4. tracy says:

    I happened to see your blog on FB from a fellow D-villian. I have been reading and laughing. I moved into the Big D right after high school from the North so I was the Damn Yankee. I found it so interesting that I had stepped back in time by driving 7 hours. I was the new girl who played sports, talked funny, wasn’t racist and didn’t get the whole small town southern thing. Frequented the Tobacco Exchange and the Werst Place for fun. I was only in Danville between college summers and on breaks but remember the club names and of course the town stores and churches. I still vacation at SML every summer with my family and look forward to the best chicken salad in the world.

  5. Laura Durham says:

    Loved your take on subdebs. I was an AMC and it stood for fun with friends in Latin. But we did chase men. We we’re sworn to secrecy about our name. Now I feel bad for telling, but I had to set the record straight.

  6. Lynda Cox says:

    Come across this and I am laughing my head off…Danville Native…who also escaped hahaha I went a lot farther though…Dallas Texas!! My older sister was class of 76. Perhaps you knew her? Vickie Stallings or her older sister Sandra Stallings.

    Anyway…I hope to read more of your blogs…Quite entertaining.

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