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Chapter 23: Football Season in the South

Football season has begun and the South has lost its mind. See Football games are both a metaphor for and a microcosm of Life in the South.  I’ve never really understood all this fuss about football- be it High School, … Continue reading

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Chapter 22: A Few Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

Being born in the South, you are raised with a lot of preconceived notions.  When you are young, you are taught to accept certain things without question. Well, I’m really am glad I’m not young anymore.  I’ve learned too much … Continue reading

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Chapter 21: The Mad Men of Danville

I’ve recently had a revelation.  The concept of ‘”summer jobs” is really a passe concept. Nowadays it seems kids spend the summers going to “camps” to increase their skills and marketability for College as opposed to earning cash for college … Continue reading

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Chapter 20: A Southern Boy’s Reflections on New York on September 11th

This is a repost from, my other blog, from back in May.  September 11th seemed like a good day to visit it again. New posts for this blog are under construction and coming soon… I am blessed to be … Continue reading

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