Some Notes on Blogging

I’ll be honest.  For a while, I’ve not been quite sure where I’m going with this blog…..

I’ve had some blowback from my family, I wonder if I’ve taken this as far as I can and I wonder if I should be focusing on trying to edit and perfect what I’ve written to get it into a publishable format.

Then I remember two things:  1) I’m writing this blog for me and 2) I don’t really give a damn what other people, including my family, think.

So, I’ll keep going with this for a while longer….

I’ll also make a disclaimer:  I am a southern writer of a certain age and my memories are colored by time and subject to creative enhancement.

Truth, is always relative in the South.

Apparently, today, facts are also really only a matter of opinion.  Or so they say on  Fox News….

How else do you explain a bunch of poor people in Southern states voting for Republicans who only want to serve the rich and the corporate interests while doing away with Social Security?

So, if you are naive and gullible enough to vote for Republicans, you are naive and gullible enough to take this blog as total factual recollection….

I will continue to say it is at least 90% true.

My friends and relatives now have plausible denial for the 10% they don’t like.

They can choose their 10% at their leisure…..

And I have another post ready to go, in a day or two, once I’ve had time to proof it!

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3 Responses to Some Notes on Blogging

  1. Vickie Price says:

    Keep writing. Keep living. I am a Southern woman of a certain age (70) and my memories are colored by time and subject to creative enhancement also and have been since I was a child. Part of a heritage where all of life becomes story. /// Note: Republican motives are more understandable than those of the people who voted them into office.

  2. Vicki Knopfler says:

    If your family members are bizarre and operate in a Southern Gothic vacuum, then they’re humor and should be written about – to amuse the rest of us. if they’re Southern, they’re tough and should be able to take it.

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