For Those Who Think I Make All This Stuff Up…..

I know some people think I make all this up…

Not true!  It’s all based on real life experience….

As evidence, here is actual Facebook page dialogue from a page devoted to memories of growing up in Danville, Virginia….

I have deleted a couple of extraneous posts and a couple that named names.  And hid the identities….

Otherwise, these are true, actual comments from current and past Danville residents on this Facebook page….

Folks, I couldn’t make this up….

Poster: The Red Cross does not have a facility to collect blood in Danville and they have no blood drives scheduled in the area. I moved here from Atlanta and I am astonished to learn this information….

Response 1: too many with std’s. we’re famous for ’em….

Response 2: The hospital has blood drives. Seen their trucks setup in town. Sometimes they’ll setup at Chick-Fil-A and you can get a free sandwich for giving blood. Now there’s what I call a good incentive, haha.

Response 3: That will make a great slogan for the Chamber of Commerce….”Come to Danville….STD Capital of Virginia”….

Poster: I have supported The Red Cross for 10 years. I do not eat Chik-Fil-A but thanks for the response.

Response 4: When I worked @ HD, they had a special “team” come down from Richmond to try to combat some of the STD’s. We truly are the STD capital…

Response 5: nothin’ else to do, here.

Response 6: The HD gives out free comdoms so there’s no excuse for it…

Response 7: they need to drop ’em from helicopters!

Response 8: Remember…this is DANVILLE….

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