The Fix is In….

I feel the need to make a reassessment as far as this blog is concerned….

I know some of you are disappointed that I haven’t posted more frequently on this blog.  I am disappointed myself.

And I’ve been thinking how to fix it…

Three issues seem to be standing in my way:

  1. Blogging worked for me because I could just throw out my thoughts without too much thought or too much focus on perfection
  2. The W&L Stories are a challenge and take thought. A lot of thought…
  3. I’m now working from home and the feng shui of having  to work and write in the same space is a real challenge.

I miss this blog…so I need to fix this…

Therefore, I am addressing the issues as follows:

  1. I am taking the W&L stories off the blog.  I’m realizing they are more suited to a novel format than a blog.  They require more thought, perfection, manipulation and are not suited to this format.  I will continue to work on them, but will move selected excerpts to a separate page.  Most of the work on these stories will not appear here and will, hopefully,  no longer inhibit my blogging.   I will still continue to write them and share them with a few close friends.  I will share them here selectively.
  2. I think this will enable me to more freely share my remembrances of family things and places past and make my observations on life from my particularly Southern Gothic perspective.  That seems to be what most people enjoy anyway…
  3. I will hope this removes the block from working/writing in the same physical space.
  4. I will go back to dashing off my thoughts without focusing on perfection, but focusing on substance.

Thank you for your patience.  I know this has been a frustrating time for us both….

Let’s try this again….

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1 Response to The Fix is In….

  1. Can’t wait to read the novel…

    Meantime, sounds like this is a good adjustment for the blog.

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