Just so you know….

I may be a little slower in posting to this blog over the next few months.  My real job is taking its toll….

But I am thinking and planning my future posts.  Future titles include:

1.  White People Don’t Drive Volvo’s

2.  Scarlett O’Hara at 75

More to come.  Please be patient…..

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2 Responses to Just so you know….

  1. Michael Thomas Mock says:

    While you are mulling over ideas for future chapters, I thought of this stroll down the memory lane in Danville, Virginia…the one that starts near the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, meanders past The Wednesday Club, and ends at Mr. Grant’s Store hoping to take away a container of his homemade chicken salad. Something about anticipating seeing “The Help” conjured this from the days I lived there.

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