Chapter 38: The Way We Were

“The Way We Were” has always been a very special film for me.

I remember being in the 8th grade and reading about it and dying to see it for months before it came out.  It lived up to all my expectations.

When I went to College, I expected it to be like this movie.  And, in many ways, it was.  We just had a lot of Hubbell’s and the Katie’s weren’t really seen.  But, on the whole, W&L and Sweet Briar in the late 1970’s really were kind of like this.  And it was beautiful in kind of an F. Scott Fitzgerald way.  It took many years later to see all the Fitzgeraldian layers…

This was one of the first movies Steve and I watched when we first got together.  It was a lovely, romantic night, but I remember him saying he felt like Katie to my Hubbell.  How little he knew then…

And it was the only time in my life I have ever been even symbolically compared to Robert Redford.

One of the reasons we made it, is we are both “Katie’s” politically….it just took me longer to realize it.

But I’ll never forget or regret, “The Way We Were”….

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4 Responses to Chapter 38: The Way We Were

  1. Scott,

    You may remember Sue,who I dated in college. After a weekend at W&L, she’d tell me she felt like Katie and I was Hubbell. It’s funny that you wrote about this here.

    And I felt the same way, too: hey, compared to Robert Redford. Woo hoo!

  2. Scott M says:

    I do remember Sue…Funny so many people thought we were “Hubbell’s” when at W&L we were really “Katie’s”!

  3. Dude, don’t derail my Hubbell status.

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