Introduction: My Southern Gothic World

I’ve had several people comment to me about the emerging series of Southern Gothic memories/vignettes on my other blog,

One of my dear friends suggested that I split these off into separate blog and I have decided to take his advice.

This will give more focus and organization to my writing, both here and on my other blog.

I’ll save for my political ramblings, postings and stream of consciousness thoughts.  And videos.

I’ll try to be more specific here and focus only on my observations of my life growing up in Southern Virginia and on Southern Life in general.  I’ll be transferring some of the previous posts from my other blog here to keep them all together.

Some people wonder why I’m doing this.  Some people are a little horrified I’m doing this.  But most people seem to enjoy these posts and understand our macabre Southern way of constantly stirring up the past and pulling scabs off old wounds.

For me, it’s simple.  I’m trying to see if I can write and if I may have a book in me.  I’ve always been told “write about what you know.”  This is the only place I know to start.  This format also seems to work for me where no other format has.

When I started blogging in December of last year, I said I was a frustrated writer.  Not anymore.  Blogging has really knocked down some creative walls and barriers that have stopped me in the past.  I now write, either on this blog or off it, almost every day.  I even travel with a little netbook, in addition to my work laptop, so I always have my separate personal access to the web and these blogs.

You know I’m serious if I’m schlepping around two laptops on planes every time I travel.

I also had to wait until my Mother was too gaga to use the internet or be aware of these or to be hurt by these memories and my take on them.  It’s part of my Gentleman’s Code.

If these stories work on the blog and I can continue to come up with them, then I’ll figure out my next steps.  This is my way of exploring the format and trying to find my literary voice.

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me if these stories are true.  All I can say is they are as true as I can make them.

They are how I saw and remember things.  I don’t promise all my facts are correct.  A lot of these stories are based on old family stories and my old memories.  Neither are dependable sources.

Everyone has their own way of remembering things based on how they saw it at the time.  However, my guess is that these posts are at lest 90% true.  I reserve the right for some  literary license.  However, their hearts and souls are 100% true.

So thank you for bearing with me on this journey as I try to discover what I want to be when I grow up.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

This is an open house.

Feel free to bring friends or to send them by on their own….

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1 Response to Introduction: My Southern Gothic World

  1. Dee Willis says:

    I am so looking forward to reading a Southern Gentlemans views. I love (Most) of your points of view, and get alot of humor from you. Love you, Get the book rolling, I want mine signed 🙂

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